Club Penguin Blog: Inside Out Party Announcement: Rockhopper’s Lost His Memories!

What you’ve been hearing lately is indeed true. Next month Club Penguin Will be having an Inside Out Party Takeover!

Here’s Megg’s full announcement post, plus some concept artwork of one of the decorated party rooms:

Hey Penguins!

Who’s seen the new Disney Pixar Inside Out movie? Now I have little characters to think of whenever I feel joy, sadness, fear, disgust or anger!

For July, we’re celebrating those emotions and also using them to help Rockhopper! If you’ve been reading the Club Penguin Times, you’ll know he’s eaten some cursed stinky cheese and might need our help! We’ll use the emotions to help him find his memories. Check out this concept room art:


The party will start July 22, 2015 – stay tuned to the blog for our July 2015 calendar and more sneak peeks!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

I look forward to seeing what the party is like!

25 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Inside Out Party Announcement: Rockhopper’s Lost His Memories!

  1. Well at least it’s kinda original. More so than any takeover before. I wouldn’t mind if CP did takeover’s like this. Using original characters from new animated movies. It’s better than the Star Wars takeovers for example.

  2. I love that news! First Star Wars Rebels, second Frozen Fever and now…. INSIDE OUT!!!! But I hate it, because I can’t see the movie before the party. Inside Out will first come in cinemas in august in my country :( That’s sad.

  3. Well that might be interesting.
    I like the previews of the movie.
    You won’t be alone Nicklas2469 – even though it shows at the movies lots of kids can’t see it until it gets on TV.

  4. the movie looks interesting but I’m not excited for this party because they could make the movie look ridiculous with this party if they do it wrong (which they probably will)


      and when Joy pops up on the screen the welcome us is that the joy from our heads or from the movie? and if these emotions are the ones from the movie can someone plz tell me how they jumped out of Riley’s head

      (just to be clear I’m not picking an argument with u I’m agreeing and adding on)

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