Club Penguin Blog Post: Thanks for Your Patience!

Are you having issues logging in to Club Penguin? If so, you’re not alone. Ever since the weekend, many players have reported having issues. Today Megg made a post about it on the Club Penguin Blog.Here is what she wrote:

Greetings penguins!

We hear some of you are having issues logging in to a few Club Penguin servers right now. We apologize for the inconvenience!


For now, you can try logging into a few different servers. OR for those of you that have the Club Penguin app, you can hang out there until you can log in to your favorite server again!

Thanks for your patience—the team’s working really hard to fix the issues.

And oddly enough, I have not had a single issue…have you?

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Post: Thanks for Your Patience!

  1. I have had this problem sense yesterday (I logged in for the first time in like a week yesterday) and I had some problems too, first it wouldn’t let me login my penguin then it wouldn’t let me log into a server then I was able to play (when u stay away from preps, pookies and new stuff CP is still fun :) ) but now today I can’t even log in my penguin and the Disney interactive page keeps saying “Club Penguin is doing server maintenance” so yea I have had this problem too and I don’t know why this happened. maybe the clone wars with the “crash cp crash cp crash cp crash cp crash cp crash cp” stuff has finally crashed CP if so blame a guy named apple sense that’s wat all the clones were saying who was behind all that but idk maybe their having bugs :/

    • The actual person to blame is the Twitter user NULLROUT, he comfirmed it himself that he was DDoSing the game as protest to get Polo Field back on the team, sorry Null but he made that decision himself, I don’t even think the clones managed to crash the game once ( they make it really laggy tho )

      • he sounds like those lizard ppl or whatever their name is where they say they did it but actually probably didn’t do it. but if he did then he needs to get a life, I mean doing all because one person quit or got fired?

  2. I’ve had a lot of problems! They are fixed for me now…I think! I don’t know if they came back because I haven’t been on CP for a few days! Sometimes it tells me timeout before I even get the chance to choose a server! Your website(s) also went down a couple time Trainman! I made a topic about it on Club Penguin Insiders and people believe it’s the same guy who did those DDoS attacks on CP! Maybe it’s because your blog is the most popular!

  3. well just got a email back from the “support” team and of course they tried to put the blame for this problem back on me. ONCE again proving how they will never take any responsibility for anyhing

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