Club Penguin Blog: Hang Out With Friends at the Puffle Berry Mall!

By now most of us have heard the news that the Stage will soon be no longer at the Plaza, as it was first announced in the Club Penguin Times. Today on the Club Penguin Blog Megg has made a post about what to expect from this change.

Here is what she wrote in her post:

Guess what, guess what, GUESS WHAT! I’m super excited to announce that the Puffle Berry Mall is going to be coming back to the Plaza—permanently!

It’s a whole new (-ish) place where you can hang out and meet with your friends. It’ll go up where the Stage is, so we’ve created a new Stage igloo and furniture for members to design their very own performances!


We’ll have a special meet up and grand opening June 5 for everyone! What do you think of the Puffle Berry Mall coming back permanently?

It seems like ever since the change was announced, people have been quite upset by the thought of there no longer being a Stage at the Plaza.

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Hang Out With Friends at the Puffle Berry Mall!

  1. Train the point is why they (cp staff) don’t care about the stage, and now just throw away the room. Why they didn’t created a pool or a blog post about the stage’s fate? I can response, club penguin don’t care.

    It’s like the stamps, they aren’t updated since 2013, and what I’m supose to do? Protest? CP don’t care.

    • Fun Fact: They actually had a poll for if the Stage should stay or the Mall should take its place, a majority wanted the Mall, Polo did the same on Twitter and once again more people wanted the fair, Finnaly last but not least during some meet ups Megg asked penguins if they wanted the mall to replace the stage, a majority said yes.

      Basically it’s the recycling plant drama all over again!

      • But is a old room jesus! That poll is hidden in the site why not put this in cp homepage??? Basically the majority of the players don’t saw the poll

  2. After the Stage gets removed, the Pizza Parlor will be the only room in the Plaza that isn’t related to puffles. :/

  3. Anybody else putting on “My awesome life: The Herbert story” when the Stage igloo comes out?
    I hope the Puffle Berry Mall isn’t just going to be one of those decorative rooms only for show with little to no interactivity there. (The escalators don’t count because they’re just plain annoying)

    The newspaper mentioned a costume shop opening there. I just wonder if maybe, just maybe, that is where the Stage’s catalog will be available from here on out. Plus people ASKED for the Puffle Berry Mall. Megg, I think, even said they held a poll on the fun stuff page and people voted Puffle Berry Mall over the Stage.

    • That’s from the School & Skate Party. I don’t know about the Pizza Parlour, but I guess that’s what the mall will look like.

      • Seems kinda edited. Look at the Pet Shop cannon.

        Also, the Soccer Pitch can be seen from the room. CP hasn’t confirmed that the Ice Rink will change to the Soccer Pitch yet, so it’s expected to see the Ice Rink at that time.

  4. Next CP are going to rename the Plaza to the “Puffle Plaza”. But seriously it has the Puffle Park, The Pet Shop, The Puffle Hotel and now the Puffle Berry Hotel. They might as well just rename the game to Club Puffle.

  5. Trainman are you excited for this, I am, but I will miss the stage, is that why they put all clothes together.

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