On This Day In Club Penguin History – November 27

Updates on the 27th of November have happened in 2006, 2009, and 2013. In 2006 the second PSA mission was released, in 2009 there were several updates including the Great Snow Maze, and in 2013 there were more Operation Puffle orders. In 2006 the second PSA (Penguin Secret Agency) mission was released. The title of this mission is “G’s Secret Mission”. In the mission Gary the Gadget Guy has you carry out his orders, as you need to run some errands for him. Mission three came out several months later in early 2007 and was the first mission to mention Herbert. After the second mission all PSA missions followed a plot line rather than having different unrelated objectives.

Moving ahead to 2009, that year there were three updates. The Soccer Stadium was replaced with the Ice Rink, something that happens every year in November or December. (usually December) Along with the room switching the sports catalogue was updated to include hockey and ice skating items. Finally, the big event of that month, the Great Snow Maze, was released. The Great Snow Maze is exactly what it sounds like: a giant maze made out of snow. It’s like the Underwater Expedition we had in January 2012 but with snow. The whole maze was members only. At the end you could pick up a free Yeti Costume.


The final update on the 27th of November was last year in 2013. Penguins had to rescue the Orange Puffle by chasing them in the special Puffle Chase game. Once done with the task, members could get the free Thermos item.


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