Starting This Thursday The Order Of Your Inventory’s Items Will Be Different

You may have already noticed this change on mobile within the past week or two: beginning this Thursday on normal Club Penguin, instead of newer items being at the bottom of your inventory and older ones at the top, the order is going to be the opposite: new on top, old on the bottom.┬áHere’s Megg’s post from the blog:

How awesome would it be to see items you just got, showing at the top of your inventory, instead of having to scroll to the bottom?

So awesome we’re including it in our updates this week! Booyah!

Starting Thursday, October 16, when you get a new item, it’ll show up at the top of your inventory. :D


(side note: coins and stamps, although missing from Megg’s playercard, will still be there)

Definitely an update I’m sure many will appreciate! (except me since I like to wear old items lol, luckily I rarely change my outfit) Hopefully one day Club Penguin releases an outfit saving feature, a feature I’m sure many of us want.

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17 thoughts on “Starting This Thursday The Order Of Your Inventory’s Items Will Be Different

  1. Finally. I have been waiting for this for a while. I also thought about the ability to save outfits, like igloos. And, am I first?

  2. What we need is a search function, not a top and bottom mix up! It’s gonna be really hard for those who like to wear old items now! We’ve been asking for the search thing for years and they do the opposite to make it ‘easier’? Let’s be honest, when does CP ever listen?!

  3. well i have another thing in mind, maybe the inventory can be this way: when we click on ourselves, a whole screen will appear, showing us and our background…. and the items, well they can be in an order just as the furniture items are, scroling right and left to see new/old items. i guess this is the way the Mobile App inventory works XD…. and i think CP should make this really cool thing: when we are viewing our inventory, maybe an emotion should pop up above us, telling others that we are currently editing ourselves, so they wont think we are AFK or BRB.

  4. This is kind of bad. I’m from 2006, and I want to wear my rare items. Now I have to scroll to the bottom to put on what I want. I hope there’s a setting where we can disable this. P.S: I actually like the new items in CP, I don’t know why.

  5. Just like the previous comments, why can’t there ever be an outfit save option and a search feature instead of doing this? Hopefully they’ll add a new category in the new inventory update classified as “Favorites” and in it, we would be able to search for our favorite items.

  6. I’d love to be able to sort mine.
    Like put all the aprons or all the ninja outfit pieces together, so I can switch back and forth fast.

    Love to be able to junk some too.
    I have lots of things I don’t want to keep any more.

  7. i agree with like everyone cuz i want saved outfits and a search. maybe they could have a “storage” system too?? like the dressers and fridges in webkinz??? srry if no 1 knows what I’m saying lol

  8. Do you know if unlocked items will still be at the bottom of our inventories?? Or will they also be organized by when we buy it?.. I really hope they wont split up the unlock items because I’m a nonmember but I have a huge inventory full of things I can’t wear anymore.. :/

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