Club Penguin Pirate Party 2014 Coming Next Month

After the Halloween Party later this month, the next party on the virtual world we all love will be the 2014 Pirate Party. It has been a very long time since Club Penguin had a Pirate Party.How do I know this? Some new code in Club Penguin’s files references a Pirate Party, due for a release on the 19th (technically the 20th since it’s a Thursday) of November.


So far there are only references to the Snow Forts, Dock, and Plaza. Is it a mini party, or is it a full party on the island? I am going to guess it’s a full party (aka the party for November) and not a mini party, and that Club Penguin just has not finished adding code for it yet. Why do I think this? I think it for the following reasons:

  • Parties almost always happen on the third Thursday of the month…the 20th is the third Thursday of the month in November
  • Mini Parties always happen either the first or second week of the month due to the reason stated above
  • Mini Parties are only in 1 to 2 rooms that are connected. In this case the Snow Forts, Dock, and Plaza are not all connected so it would be kind of weird

Who knows, maybe I’m wrong and it is just a mini party. We’ll know more sometime later this month or early next month. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can check out my page for the 2007 Pirate Party here and my page for the 2008 Pirate Party here. Ahh, the memories.

Thanks Pen50gi!

61 thoughts on “Club Penguin Pirate Party 2014 Coming Next Month

  1. That’s AWESOME! The Halloween Party already looks EPIC, and it seems as if Club Penguin is reverting back to a more classic feel to the island again. What I mean by that is that they are bringing back better, longer quests, and already one old party, and they are not advertised! That’s not to say they won’t have more advertised parties in the future, but after the really bad parties of 2014, things are looking better! Plus, there was a Rockhopper article in the newspaper last week, so obviously Rockhopper would come to this party if it was a full, island wide party. Sorry for the long comment, just really excited.

  2. When I met Megg a few days ago she said this party will be 100% new. If there has been a Pirate Party before this is unlikely. However if you have only found scripts for Plaza, Forts and Dock – it’s likely we may have the rumoured Story Party.

  3. Wait, how are we absolutely sure that this is NEXT month’s party?

    Honestly, while I didn’t LOVE Operation: Puffle, I was kinda hoping for another EPF operation party, especially with all the teasing towards one lately. I don’t know why, but they felt like a great lead-in to the Holiday Party. Also, if the pirate party is next month, that means that Rockhopper likely won’t be the Holiday Party mascot.

  4. It can’t be a mini-party. It will start November 20th so this is for sure a day when November’s party will begin. And Rockhopper wasn’t on CP for a long time… It’s a perfect time for him :D

  5. If you remember, rockhopper said in the newspaper that he asn’t been on club penguin for a while, and that he plans to come soon and bring treasure with him! Maybe thats a hint for the party! :)


  7. This party sounds like a really great idea! It’s a new idea, but similar to the parties that CP used to have. No Disney advertising for once! :)))

  8. This is the best news I think I’ve heard all year in Club Penguin. I’m happy to see a classic party come back. Although I am worried about one thing. The 2007 and 2008 parties were two of the greatest events of all time. I don’t want Club Penguin to bring it back and ruin it in some way like they did with last year’s Summer party.

  9. i have an opinion on 2014:
    prehistoric party – awesome
    fair – awesome
    muppets world tour – awesome
    puffle party – awesome
    future party – awesome
    penguin cup – awesome
    music jam – awesome
    frozen party – awesome
    school and skate party – awesome
    halloween party – sounds awesome
    anniversary party – sounds awesome
    pirate party – sounds good (haha, theres not a lot of info, so i cant say its awesome)
    now, if you dont agree, i said this is my opinion

  10. trainman, i have one thing. ive told you 1000000 times to change reindeer puffle to deer puffle. they are different. how? reindeer antlers are forward. deer antlers are out. plz change this in about um 10 seconds

  11. Story Party + Pirate Party = Pirate Adventure Party?

    What I believe is that, by the part of “Story”, that the party would be most likely about a quest travelling other islands, and by the story, like every pirate story! Sailing the 7 seas, blah blah.

    And I thought the Story Party would be some sort of educational party or a Time Travel Party, travelling in the past to discover more about the history

    • Yeah, but I don’t know if Club Penguin will do wars. If they do, it would be interesting, since wars w ere one of the most interesting. Except WWII. That is too inappropiate. Nazis and COmmunism bleck.

  12. IT all makes sense. The random Rockhopper artical in the newspaper. The article in the CP mag that said the catalog would be upgraded with pirate styles. The Rockhoppers Journal 2014 thing that we found a while ago. These lines of code. All the pieces are coming together!

  13. If this turns out to be a full-blown party, this is really excellent. Since it’s a “retro” party, CP may start to get some of their users to spend more time on the island after leaving, and it will be a good chance for RH to return since we haven’t seen much of him this year. Besides CP’s gain, I also am really excited for this party. The pirate party is by far one of my favorite “old” parties.

  14. The pirate party has something to do with Herbert as well… What? no not a herbert party, just a “hint for December” (It wont be a normal holiday Party…) I found this within the coding of the rooms, and ill tell ONE thing about December’s party, coins for change will be back- kind of, and Sensei and Sasquatch will both be spotted during this time…. nothing else I’m leaking. btw I dot know the name of the party, but I’m calling it “Operation Shadow”

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