Club Penguin Officially Announces School & Skate Party, Coming September 2014

Today on the Club Penguin Blog Megg made a post where she officially announced next month’s party, the School and Skate Party. Her blog post contained the following image and nothing else:


The note reads:

We know how much all of you LOVE school (but actually, how much fun is back to school shopping? Answer: SO MUCH FUN!)

Let’s celebrate all the great things about going back to school – like friends, shopping, and of course, learning!

We’re also helping build schools in Ecuador, Haiti, and India, AND providing backpacks filled with school supplies to students. Cool right?

We’ve got more exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned!

-Club Penguin Team

School & Skate Party

Sept. 18 – Oct. 1

The following page has been updated:

49 thoughts on “Club Penguin Officially Announces School & Skate Party, Coming September 2014


    (meanwhile i was expecting a Mythbusters esque party that involved the Sasquatch).

  2. Back to school shopping is fun?
    Might be fun if you have lots of money.

    We get one pair of cheap tennis shoes for gym class because ours are always full of holes from last year and the school won’t allow them any more and a new pair for every day class if our old shoes are too small.
    and the supplies on the supply list.
    Sometimes we go to the used store to buy a few clothes other people didn’t want any more.
    Yeah, lots of fun.

    • you can’t speak for everyone. Done people want to actually get a good education. Even if people don’t like school it’s for a good cause.

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  4. Thanks a lot Club Penguin. I can’t believe they actually considered this! It’s just SO SAD! This is basically taking place of the Medieval Party because in a comment Megg said there is NO MEDIEVAL PARTY THIS YEAR!!!!! It’s my favorite party in CP and it’s replaced with SCHOOL!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? School is not for Club Penguin, Club Penguin is for entertainment! They are connecting CP parties to the real world… what happened to imagination and FUN, GREAT PARTIES like the medieval party! This is just outrageous… even if the party is cool it’s just so pitiful how Club Penguin is making a school-themed party. Wow CP, wow.

  5. I got to a Catholic school so that’s already a lot of money. I have been there since Kindergarden. I graduate this year. I’m in 8th. But oh well. School though club penguin? I like how they are building other schools in other countries but no need to bring it into club penguin.

  6. Wait I know a sneak peak at some clothes for sep. Checkout the upcoming events in the paper. Also.. skate? PLEASE BRING BACK THE SKATER TOQUE AND SKATE BOARD also the blue ball cap

  7. That whole obsession on twitter for graser10 is probably because he’s tall,
    if he were short none of that fandom would exist.

  8. I literally have school in 9 hours, the paper says that the new issue of penguin style will come out September 4th hmmmm sort of early, oh and at least we didn’t get the medieval party ;-)

  9. Long hours? My classes are only 1 1/2 hours, is that too short?

    Also I’d like to pop in the fact that CP is planning all these amazing things and keeping everything from us, but it’s not coming out fast enough. Apparently everyone’s leaving.

  10. Hi Trainman.

    Been really busy with school so I couldn’t get back to you quickly about last week’s comment about the catalog bug.

    The bug does not work on any catalogs, expect the furniture and igloo catalog. The bug will only work if you’re a non-member (or if you have a free account and have not already gotten all the flooring items)

    So when you try to buy any or all of the flooring items as a free player, it will say “item has been added to your inventory”. You won’t get banned for this since you’re buying it on the CP app.

    Hope this helps and Enjoy!

  11. ikr…. but to be honest I sorta like school except it felt like a year cause today was my fist day of middle school… I was SOOO NERVOUS… I am even more nervous of the upcoming months and years for middle school, not to mention high school AND college… GREAT

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