August 19, 2014 Mod Tuesday (Now Over)

It’s Mod Monday…on a Tuesday! At 1:30 PM PST (4:30 PM EST, 9:30 PM in the UK) this week’s Mod Tuesday will begin.┬áNow the team will be featuring mods, starting with Mars Hawk this week.


Some facts about Mars Hawk, courtesy of the blog::

1. Favourite Food: Sushi
2. Favourite Club Penguin Party: Music Jam
3. Random Fact: Reads comics

See you at 1:30 PM PST on Blizzard!

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5 thoughts on “August 19, 2014 Mod Tuesday (Now Over)

  1. Blizzard? really? The forever full server? come one what is going on with this guy. his meetup would be member only then

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