Lane Merrifield’s (Billybob) ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It’s time for Lane’s times to shine! Billybob was nominated by Spike Hike to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, so he did so with a twist – the water was dumped from four stories above!

Click here to watch the video

Nice twist with the water! I’m sure passerbys were wondering what the heck was going on, lol.

4 thoughts on “Lane Merrifield’s (Billybob) ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. Frankly, I dislike how this is turning into a new trend. There are millions of people in Africa, willing to do anything for food and water, and people throw water on their head purposely? Honestly, how can spill iced water on your head change the world in finding a cure for a disease? Creating awareness? If so, then people can advertise it around the streets, on their blog, to their friends, or anywhere with anybody. I think people should at least do it in outdoors, since it will benefit the plants, instead of doing it in the street or in your house…

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