Club Penguin Officially Announces Next Month’s Party – Music Jam 2014

While many of us already know next month’s party is the Music Jam, today Polo Field has posted on Club Penguin’s Blog to give an official announcement. Here is the announcement post:

Some of you may have already heard about the party coming in July. Just in case you haven’t, here is the official announcement of MUSIC JAM :D *crowd cheering*

We’ve got some big plans — starting with some featured artists and awesome tunes! I won’t say who’ll be featured or what’s going to happen, just know it’ll be awesome.


Any guesses of what’s in store for this year’s Music Jam? Post them in the comments below!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Here’s what we do know:

  • The Penguin Band will be there
  • Cadence will be there
  • Cadence will have a song called Best Day Ever

Also, on a side note, I wish Club Penguin would at least wait until the Penguin Cup starts before they start to talk about next month’s party. Sheesh!

The following page has been updated:

41 thoughts on “Club Penguin Officially Announces Next Month’s Party – Music Jam 2014

    • There are a few things I would like to say. First off, disagreeing with something is not the same as complaining. Although similar, all I am doing is simply stating that I do not like what they are doing. Maybe it’s borderline complaining, I don’t know. But it’s not like I write paragraphs upon paragraph complaining. No. Instead I just write a sentence or two with my thoughts. Sometimes I’ll agree with what Club Penguin does, other times I don’t. That’s stating my opinion, which I am allowed to. There is no reason for me to agree with everything they are doing. Yes, the Club Penguin Team does work hard, but no matter what they are not going to please everyone. That’s fine. I get that. The purpose of a blog is to inform others and give your own opinion thoughts on a topic. And since Club Penguin Memories is my blog, I have the right to write whatever and however I want. So I do just that. If you don’t like my posts due to complaining then read another blog, I don’t mind. :)

        • Apparently she only complains and worries about the useless stuff in Club Penguin like how the trees in the Future Party are holograms and the fish have no-where to live -_-

      • This is precisely why you are my favorite blogger. Your blog is quite interesting, providing not only just CP Updates. Trying to have a closer relationship with the readers as well and even doing other stuff such as “On This Day In CP History”, “Trainman in Real Life”, etc.

        Seriously, Saraapril is the BIG example you are just saying. A blogger who complains about everything, trying to persuade their readers to act in a different way, and not even respecting readers’ attention.

        You are the REAL Type of blogger. You KNOW how to respect other people and even give your point of view, creating a discussion where even the readers can discuss further about. Saraapril only allows comments who agree with her, and (sadly) most people misinterpret that Saraapril, for only liking flowers, pink, and everything “bright” and “peaceful”, is nice. There are occassions where I even agree with her and she won’t even pass my comment.

        Keep up the good work Trainman. You are a REAL Blogger :)

      • Nicely put Train. I agree with your statement as well about them announcing the party too early. They seem to over promote the parties in the first place to lure people to get memberships. Then when the party arrives, there is not a huge benefit for members. Sure, you can get extra transformations and clothes. But the baseline is still there AND the nonmember experience today is still much greater than the member experience back in 2008. But back to your point, I truly think that they are announcing the parties way too far in advance. I would definitely like to congratulate them on their phenomenal advertising techniques though! But they can’t trick me :)

      • I’m really surprised how Train never complains, he always seems OK with everything, I’m even sure of Club Penguin made a thing where penguins could ban other penguins, I doubt Train will complain!

        Saraparil always complains, sometimes, because there is a party going on “that looks like a war”.

        Yes, sometimes I do complain, but for reasons like a thing when it’s not fair for non’s.

  1. There won’t be any Disney’s characters during this party. Moderators announces at Twitter some time ago that this year’s summer will be no-commercial. Luckily.


    Best Day Ever

    Mr. Sun came up and he smiled at me
    Said it’s gonna be a good one just wait and see
    Jumped out of bed and I ran outside
    Feeling so extra exsatisfied

    It’s the best day ever
    (Best day ever)
    It’s the best day ever
    (Best day ever)

    I’m so busy got nothing to do
    Spent the last two hours just tying my shoe
    Every flower, every grain of sand
    Is reaching out to shake my hand

    It’s the best day ever
    (Best day ever)
    It’s the best day ever
    (Best day ever)

    Sometimes the little things start closing in on me
    When I’m feeling down I wanna lose that frown
    I stick my head out the window and I look around

    Those clouds don’t scare me, they can’t disguise
    This magic that’s happening right before my eyes

    Soon Mr. Moon will be shining bright
    So the best day ever can last all night
    Yes, the best day ever’s gonna last all night now

    It’s the best day ever
    (Best day ever)
    It’s the best day ever
    (Best day ever)

    It’s the best day ever
    (Best day ever)
    It’s the best day ever
    (Best day ever)

    Best day ever
    Best day ever

    end of spoilers

  3. 1d is so gonna be there. “Best Day Ever” by cadance. And the song best song ever by one direction! DUH!

  4. Yay for Cadence and the Penguin Band! :D (Please no Disney takeover…) And lol, isn’t Best Day Ever from Spongebob?! XD

  5. Trainman, is there a SWF for all the music remixes in the Prom AK CP Universitie? If so can you please post it? Thanks :)

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