Last Week’s (Now Deleted) Penguin of the Week: Missnadz6789

On Friday Daffodaily5 posted a new Penguin of the Week to Club Penguin’s blog, however due to reasons unknown the Club Penguin Team has removed the post. The (now deleted) penguin of the week was Missnadz6789. Here is why she was chosen:

Missnadz6789 is a really special person. Not only is she a great friend in Club Penguin but she’s a brill buddy in real life too. She always looks out for her pals and will always stand up for people if they are being bullied. That kind of behaviour takes a lot of courage, so I’m sure you would all agree that she’s a very worthy Penguin of the Week! :)


Congratulations to Missnadz! I’m just really curious why the post got removed…

If you would like to nominate someone for Penguin of the Week simply email or comment on Club Penguin’s blog with the penguin name and why they should be chosen as Penguin of the Week.

The following page has been updated:

3 thoughts on “Last Week’s (Now Deleted) Penguin of the Week: Missnadz6789

  1. Hi i’m missnadz6789 (truly) the reason this post was taken off the blog is that my name was changed to missn X

  2. I nominated missnadz (user now Missn X) and she had to get a name change, that might be why it was deleted!

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