Club Penguin Blog: Daffo Doodles – Super Daffo!

Last Thursday on the Club Penguin Blog Daffodaily5 posted some recent Daffo Doodles fans have made her! They’re all awesome and worth checking out. Here is what Daffo wrote in her post:

Thank you so much for sending in all your AMAZING Daffo Doodles! You guys are so creative; it sure is fun to see myself as a superhero penguin with powers! I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite because they are all SO brill, but here are a few I thought you might like:

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 9.12.02 PM

I need lots of ideas for upcoming themes for Daffo Doodles so please write your suggestions in the comments below. I had a chat with The UK Team and we think the next theme should be…

…DAFFO IN SPACE! (It doesn’t have to be just me; you could draw your penguin too!) You can upload your masterpieces here! Don’t forget to include “Daffo Doodles” in the picture and file name! 

Are you going to submit a Daffo Doodle?

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  1. I drew a cool (when I say cool, it’s probably a rubbish drawing) Spike Sketch, where Spike Hike was turned into Gary, so he was half Spike, half Gary. Do you think I could send that in?

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