Club Penguin Blog: DINOSAUR PUFFLES?!

On Monday Polo Field made a post on the Club Penguin Blog talking about Dino Puffles. He said that they’ll be discovered in prehistoric Club Penguin at the 2014 Prehistoric Party. Members will be able to adopt them. Here is the image he posted:


I’m going to get them all! Are you? Hopefully they don’t run away… :P

The following page has been updated:

15 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: DINOSAUR PUFFLES?!

  1. did you know trainman there was a new post on the cp blog that we are getting a igloo backyard on January 22nd and it can hold 40 PUFFLES!

  2. im gonna have them in my backyard so then I dont have to have the risk of them running away. *3 weeks of not feeding them, the next day they’re gone.* I’ll have two of each so yah

  3. I’m totally gonna like put them in my backyard for most of the time so that they cant run away LOL. I just hope that other penguins can go in your backyard so they can see them too.

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