Penguin of the Day Roundup: October 7, 2013 – October 11, 2013

Here are the five lucky penguins of the week from last week, beginning Monday October 7th and ending Friday, October 11th.

On Monday, October 7th the Penguin of the Day was Roxie0322.

Roxie0322 sure sounds like fun to hang out with on the island! She’s a loyal friend who loves going swimming at the Beach or Cove, followed by just hangin’ at the CP School. Hope to see ya around!


On Tuesday, October 8th the Penguin of the Day was Purpur5675.

When I received a nomination saying that Purpur5675 has awesome style, I thought to myself, “I just have to check it out!”. And you know what? I wasn’t disappointed! She just oozes classic fashion style. Love it!


On Wednesday, October 9th the Penguin of the Day was Emma34104.

Head to the Dance Club and you might spot Emma34104 taking part in an awesome dance contest! She loves to dance, she loves pink and she loves to make people laugh (we have one or two things in common, then!)


On Thursday, October 10th the Penguin of the Day was Abhi20.

Abhi20 is today’s Penguin of the Day for always showing such kindness to his friends! He helps them find the pins, gives them tours and shows his pals how to adopt and look after puffles. He’s a brill buddy to have, so be sure to say ‘hiya’ if you see him around!


On Friday, October 11th the Penguin of the Day was Frosting222.

Super-stylish Frosting222 is so bang on trend that she often runs out of coins because she spends them all on fashion! I LOVE the fairy outfit. Wings are the ultimate accessory don’t you think?


Congratulations to all of you! Like always, awesome outfits and igloos!

You can nominate penguins for penguin of the day by emailing All penguins featured on the blog as a Penguin of the Day get 5,000 coins added to their penguin account.

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