Help Club Penguin With #WaddleOn – October 2nd at 2:30 PM PST!

If you want to try and to appear in a #WaddleOn sketch, tomorrow (Wednesday) is your chance! At 2:30 PM PST (5:30 PM EST, 10:30 PM in the UK) in a yet to be announced server you can go to the Stadium and if the room is not full and you’re lucky you might wind up in the video! Check the blog around 2:30 PM PST for the server in case I’m unable to update this post with it – look at the Snow Forts Clock Tower!

UPDATE: The server was White House.

Here’s the directions from Polo Field:

Dress up as either a Blacksmith (brown apron) or Goldsmith (black apron).  Blacksmiths stand above the banner line, Goldsmiths below, like this:


It’s unknown if the sketch will be in this Friday’s #WaddleOn video however it does seem likely.

The following page has been updated:

14 thoughts on “Help Club Penguin With #WaddleOn – October 2nd at 2:30 PM PST!

  1. yes! boo yah! my mom has a REALLY fast computer and she gets home at 5:00 EST! YAAAAYYYY I can make ittt!!!!!!!!! :D

    • Pfft ikr. Goldsmith only fix valubales.
      CANT FIX POLO’S KEYTAR CAN YOU? Its valuble, but only blacksmiths can fix it.

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