Monsters University Sneak Peek: Ror Scare Team

Ninja has posted a sneak peek of the Team Ror room on the Club Penguin Blog. He didn’t say anything about it other than in the post title, where he said Ror will be victorious. You can also see him in his Ror Hoodie. Unlike the other sneak peeks, Ninja’s penguin name is normal size. In the top right corner it says “Features shown require a paid membership” once again, hidden from most eyes!


Team OK is better than Team Ror!

The following page has been updated:

22 thoughts on “Monsters University Sneak Peek: Ror Scare Team

  1. Team ok are ok (hehe) but not the best. Pnk will devour you when the time comes. Python nu kappa for da win!

  2. RΩR Is the hmmm uhh… nothing rhymes with it so… IS THE BEST! Look at the poll PNK AND Jox oh ya OK IS 2ND for me JOX is 3rd ( I hate Pink so…)

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