Club Penguin Sneak Peek Video: Puffle Digging!

Polo Field has revealed what the mysterious Puffle and stamps update is going to be! It’s called Puffle Digging. Here’s a video showing off what it is. The name is essentially what’s being done.

Puffles will be able to dig up coins on the island and starting next month members with Puffles will be able to dig up rare items…although he did not say what! His only hint was “There’s a classic pair of glasses up for grabs that only your puffles will be able to find…” Maybe the Red Sunglasses and Blue Sunglasses?

UPDATE: Here is another small sneak peek from Polo Field.


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53 thoughts on “Club Penguin Sneak Peek Video: Puffle Digging!

    • I think anyone with a Puffle, member or not, can dig for coins. But only member penguins can get the rare items.

      I could easily be wrong though.

      • Thats not fair. Why does everything that’s rare have to be members only!! Because ppl make fun of non-members!!

      • I know right! They treat non’s like hobos! For the Hollywood Party, what did members get? A diamond ring! And what about non’s? A stupid camera and no body items! I think that’s real stupid! Since Billybob left, Club Penguin is a disaster!!!

        • you’re kidding right? non members got loads of items at the hollywood party! they get so much cool stuff these days. STOP COMPLAINING. We pay alot for membership and we dont teas you guys at all. We pay for it so we expect more things…Non members can play card jitsu now and your still mad?

  1. When ever the penguin team Says they are Bringing back rare items im begging that its not one of my rare items, xd

    • Ah, I interpreted it wrong. Pair can mean two so I thought of two different glasses, in this case the red and blue ones.

  2. Ugh, How can you guys like this idea… Its just another thing that will be forgotten, And people will probably use it to try to berry you.

  3. I hope it’s the Red Sunglasses, Gold Sunglasses, Blue Sunglasses, 3D glasses, Or Giant Green glasses or Giant yellow glasses Because I don’t have any of those and I want ’em!

  4. Actually I like the Funny Face Glasses but none of the rare penguins will like this as I like to get them but they should still be rare.

  5. I hope Club Penguin’s definition on “rare items” is something decent and not something like the yellow hoodie. :P But I think I am just making dumb guesses. I’m sure they know after the many times penguins have emailed them and asked for certain items to return.

    • And why’d you say “Coming next month” if CP said the stamps are coming tomorrow? If the stamps release tomorrow, then the digging should, too…
      Also, did anyone notice that Polo Field owns Dubstep?

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