Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Stamps

This week’s reviewed by you question has been posted to the Club Penguin Blog today.┬áLast week we were asked what our favourite school subject is. Pingafass123 had the following answer:

My 1# favourite subject is of course ART! I love art because you can just keep drawing and sketching and there’s no right or wrong! Your an artist in many ways and art is fun! Every thing is art and it’s just so fun creating master pieces and beautiful drawings! My art teacher always says ” never give up everythings art”! That is why art is my favourtive subject!.


Based on the picture above, you probably assumed this week’s question is about stamps. You’re right! This week’s question is “How many stamps have you earned so far, and which one was the hardest one to get?”

As always the chosen comment will get 10,000 coins added to their penguin account. Good luck!

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18 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Stamps

  1. The hardest stamp was…… Be in the same room as Trainman1405 sooo sooo hard

    ALSO the easiest one was Look at Trainman1405 posts

    • plz i got that stamp like 50,000 times just trying to find mascots (p.s. trainman i love your tracking system on twitter i use it whenever i need to find a mascot, but i dont use it much because i met and became friends with all the mascots and thats because of your mascot trackers on twitter thanks!)

  2. i say the ninja hideout one is the hardest and you cant get it anymore because the ninja hideout was destroyed

  3. My hardest stamp would be a tie between tree mob and ace pilot. I had to play jet pack adventure hundreds of times to finally get it, while the tree mob was hard as hardly anyone seemed interested to dress up like a tree.

  4. I have all the charter stamps when I met rookie my first charter I was so happy I pea myself and then it was pretty easy I just need to get a few more stamps for party anyway I have 138 stamps

  5. i have 230 stamps.the hardest one was to be in the same room as cadence.every time cadence is online the room is always full but i still got it after a lot of penguin name is javern123

  6. I have 325 stamps. The hardest one to get was Astro Master! I spent AGES trying to get that one! But I have barely any stamps for Puffle Launch and Catchin’ Waves, they’re my two hardest games.

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