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The reviewed by you for this week has been posted! Last week we were asked what our best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is. Agent Hush does the following:

My #1 strategy is communication. Sometimes I’ll flash a power card on the screen so that my teammates know that I’m waiting to use my power card for a combo. Also, if there are two snowmen within my range, I’ll move towards one of them so that my fellow ninjas know that they should attack the other one. However, the GREATEST key to communication is to know how far your teammates can move, how close they have to be to attack, and how hard they hit. NINJA VANISH!ReviewedbyYou_20130604-1370297729

This week’s question relates to the Monsters University Takeover. The question is “what is your favourite school subject and why?” Mine is definitely history, hence why I made Club Penguin Memories a long time ago and post On This Day In Club Penguin History! (which is returning soon, by the way) Like always, the chosen response will be featured on the Club Penguin Blog and they will earn 10,000 coins.

The following page has been updated:

59 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You – School Subjects

  1. Agreed! I love history! Especially my states, VIRGINIA! First english settlement in North America was HERE, in VA, JAMESTOWN, plus the country capitol. >:D

  2. my fave is probally math Im not a fan of social cause of my teacher. and question time for train man I have a few questions for you here they are

    1) are you realeted to graser8 (graser10cp on youtube )

    2)you wants a cookie I has lots expecially rainbow flavor.
    and finally
    3) would you like to meet on cp sometime

  3. guys(meaning train) i`m changing my name from cploverpengu to Trainman2013! I`m telling you this so when you see my comments you know who i am!

  4. BTW: My favs are:History, Art & science! Also two questions:
    1. What Blog Maker do you use and how can i make your kind of design?
    2. can we meet up on club penguin say: Wednesday(Ohio) 1:00 PM (PST)

    • 1) WordPress. There’s all sorts of themes
      2) I’ll try to go on at that time but I’m super busy with school.

      • Scratch That! How about At:
        Saturday 8
        1:00 PM (PST)
        White House
        coffee shop
        For Triainman1405 to meet Trainman2013 in place of the last meet up post!

  5. My favorite subject is art and reading.
    I have tons of books at home and I just love reading.
    Art is just fun.

    • History. Here’s what I said on the CP Blog post. :)

      My favourite school subject is definitely history! I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid. I enjoy learning about the past of the world, whether it’s about my town, state, country, or anywhere else in the world! I just find it really fascinating to find out about major events and the roots of how we came to be as a civilization. I guess that’s why I like Club Penguin history so much too!

  6. Train can you add me on any account? I’m Sparkles1564 and I LOVE geography/history , art and science :D

  7. Social Studies because I LOVE too learn about history of the world and my country.My fav. of what I learned was the civil war. I loved on how my teach said it.

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