Club Penguin Monsters University Items Sneak Peek

Here is the first exclusive sneak peek of the Monsters University Party! Aside from the party announcement there have been no sneak peeks. However, Mickman5 spotted a little something when at the store EB Games! He was able to snap a picture of it too. In the photo you can see multiple penguins in unreleased costumes and outfits, which I’m assuming will be in the June 2013 Penguin Style, the Monsters University Party, or maybe even both. Not only that, but some of the penguins are wearing unreleased colours such as grey and lavender! (or is it just the costumes?) Check out the full image:


That’s pretty sweet, and I think this party is going to be a ton of fun! What else do you think is going to be at the party? Are you looking forward to it? Let me know! The party starts June 27th.

80 thoughts on “Club Penguin Monsters University Items Sneak Peek

  1. I don’t know. I like the costumes there cool, I can’t wait to buy the blue and purple fuzzy guy with the horns.

  2. I’m really looking forward to it! Monsters Inc was my favorite movie when I was a lot younger. And I’m really looking forward to seeing monsters university!

  3. I don’t think that penguin is really wearing gray, if you look closely you can’t see the white patch under their shirt. I think it’s just a part of Squishy’s costume.

  4. Hey trainman , do you think Grey and Lavender color will be available for members? because one of your post that I have read said there are new “colors” will be unlock as seen in the in-game files thingy or else.

  5. You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down. This is the message I got when I tried to post a comment, even though it’s my first in like a week. Anyway if this one works my comment is: Are you going to watch Monsters University? I am and I might see it on the first day cause it’s my friend’s B-Day that day so yahhhh

  6. Cool,so,it is a poster in a store?i can’t see the new colors that you say the penguins have what?how did you think that?i dont see nothing?the customes probably will be in a special cataloge of the party not in the next penguin style,or maybe…how did you say about new colors if I can’t see it?they have only suits,you cant see their penguin colors O_O or say me how please.This will be great!

  7. Finally, grey! Ok, I’m liking everything that Disney has been doing to CP, except the penguin figure, flippers and of course, the beak. It is so ugly, I wish they bring back the old one!

    -Lance Jin

  8. train man those are part of the costumes the characters in unrelesed colors arent colors there part of the costumes

  9. Hey Train!
    You remember in the CP Summit Sneak Peaks they said there is gonna be a new character! Do you think the character will show now? Maybe she is a teacher ;)

  10. Umm, I think Mike should be small, but, it also happened in Operation Blackout, Klutzys’ costume was bigger than Herberts’ But I really think they should have made Mike smaller…

  11. looks great now everyone awser I do with your user name if you don’t say I don’t ok here it is WHO PLAYS ROBLOX If you play I am danielleyellow5 and I have builders club I have a bunch of friends to (not really) lol waddle on guys bye! :)


  12. Evolution of CP Parties – Episode 1: Music Jam
    2008-2011: Music Jam
    2012: Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam
    2013: Monsters University Takeover
    And as you can see over the years Music Jam lost it’s music first, then it’s jam.

  13. If the colors get released, teh epicness has just BEGUN! I can’t believe a store would just put a sneak peak of the party up like that! Atleast we all know this partay is gonna ROCK!

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