Spike Hike Talks Sushi Drop Game and Other My Penguin Features

Ever since Spike Hike showed sneak peeks of the My Penguin app, penguins have been wondering what the plate of sushi is for. Now we know!


As it turns out, the sushi is for a mobile exclusive game called Sushi Drop. You collect sushi when you use the app, sort of like a bonus for using the application. The sushi is earned through reading the blog, watching a video, or playing a game in the app. Of course, the more you use the My Penguin app, the more sushi you will gain. Each piece of sushi lets you play the Sushi Drop game. So if you have 10 pieces of sushi, you can play Sushi Drop 10 times. Then you’ll have to earn more since you’ll be out of sushi.

Of course, the more you use the My Penguin app, the more sushi you will gain.

The sushi can be dropped and nudged by tapping it to make bubbles in the water, according to Spike Hike.


Just like any game on Club Penguin, the purpose of the game is to earn coins. (maybe we can get exclusive mobile stamps too?) You can get coins in Sushi Drop by hitting a fish with the sushi on its way down the water. The bigger of a clam you hit, the more coins you will earn. Items are also earned through gameplay, as there are some exclusive items you can get from Sushi Drop. (we don’t know what at this time)



Remember, My Penguin comes out for the iPad on the 9th of May, less than a week away! (hey, that rhymed!) Not only that, but Spike Hike said the Club Penguin Team has a lot of mobile surprises in store this year for Android and other iOS devices (iPhone and iPod Touch) and this is just the beginning! Woohoo!

Also, if you’ve got the original iPad, it will be unsupported.

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37 thoughts on “Spike Hike Talks Sushi Drop Game and Other My Penguin Features

  1. Seriously… not even iPad 1?! I doubt all CP players will have the newest range of tablet! iPad 1 is the most popular in the iPad collection, so why can’t the app be on it?! And I had my hopes up…

    • It’s no longer sold. It would be stupid to make a modern app for such a weak device. Apple has moved on, therefore Apple limits their developers.

  2. Club Penguin is running up my NERVES! Why do they start with the most hard-to-get phone? I have both Android and IPhone. What is the extention (.***) for that game? Maybe I can find a convertor. BUT WHY DO THEY START WITH THE 5? AND WHY DOES APPLE WANTS TO CREATE THEIR OWN EXTENTIONS FOR APPS?!

    • It’ll be .ipa but only run on iPads – it can’t be run on Android or iOS devices that aren’t an iPad.

      • Umm I don’t understand this. Pen50gi wants to play “My Penguin” on his iPad, and Spike Hike happens to reply to him “Sorry, only iOS 5 or above. No iPad 1 either.” WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?

        So it’s for Apple’s Operating System version 5 and above? Is that any different from an iPad? What is he talking about? WHAT? WHAT THE? WHAT THE? WAA-WHAT? WHAT THE? … WHA-WHAT THE!! WHAT?

        ~Perapin :)

        • I think he means the iPad needs to be running iOS5 or greater, and that the first iPad is not supported.

  3. I hope it will be available for my iPod Touch. But if it’s available for the iPhone 4, I’ll ask my sister to get the app and I’ll play on that :3

  4. Umm so train im not understanding something will the My Penguin app be out for
    Iphone 4s? Because I have one with iOs6

  5. Hey Trainman, may you help me? I have some questions of this app:
    1. Will it be free?
    2. Will you post when it comes for Android?
    3. Will Android phones run it, or do you need a tablet?
    4. Will you make a tutorial and a post of this new game when it comes available and some videos?

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