Club Penguin Magazine Issue 17 – Card-Jitsu Fire & Water For Everyone, Sports Party In June?

The 17th Club Penguin Magazine issue is now available in the United Kingdom. This time some information originates from both Bloxxerman and Spydar007, so huge thanks to the two of them!


Here is the full contents of the new issue:


  • Cover
  • Wreck-It Ralph advertisement
  • Welcome
  • Club Penguin Times/Table of Contents

Main content:

  • Invitation: Card-Jitsu Snow
  • Rockhopper’s Tall Tales
  • C.P.T.V.
  • Fashion 4 U: Power Dressing
  • Penguin Survey 2.0
  • Penguin Comic: A Knight’s Tale
  • Cadence’s Catwalk: Shocking Pink
  • A Ninja History
  • 10 Tips to Master the Elements
  • Penguin Challenge: Ninja Puzzle Battle
  • Prize Booth
  • Rookiepedia: G
  • Cool Cribs
  • Posters
  • Penguin Challenge: Sensei’s Tea Training
  • PH Planet
  • Penguin Challenge: Sensei’s Ninja Code
  • Penguin Comic: The One That Got Away!
  • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • V.I.P.: Pinkuin0403
  • Next Issue: 10 Free Gifts! 3D Stickers, Keyring, Frisbee, 3 CP Badges, and Free Vintage Item Bundle! Weight Bench Furniture Item, Puffle Water Bottle, Furniture item, Head Band Clothing Item, Red Track Jacket Clothing Item. On your marks… get set… go! Sporty Special! Issue 18 on sale 30th May!

And then the back/final page has an Iron Man 3 advertisement. This is the sneak peek of issue 18:


Now for some other pictures! The toy thingy it comes with this month is an EPF phone.


Here’s one of the pages talking about this issue, such as what you unlock:


Here’s the page of contents page:


There’s a cool Sensei poster inside!


This is what the cards with codes you redeem look like:



Also, the magazine says that Card-Jitsu Snow is ready and that Card-Jitsu Fire and Water will be opened to all players! This will probably happen during this month’s Card-Jitsu Snow party.


The following page has been updated:

34 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 17 – Card-Jitsu Fire & Water For Everyone, Sports Party In June?

  1. YEAH! But – there will be a school in June. What does school have to do with… Oh wait, Sports Day Party is returning!

  2. Finally! Fire and Water free for all! And CJ Snow Dojo soon is comming out! Do you think it will come on August? On the hot sunny days a snowflake will freeze CP…

  3. Sports Party? I wonder if it will be similar to the 2006 Sports Party and/or the Penguin Games from 2008.

  4. Trainman, there is definitely going to be a blizzard/snow storm coming to Club Penguin because on the cover you can see the clouds and some snow falling and on the last picture you can see the clouds again with the falling snow! Yay! It’s gonna snow in Club Penguin!

  5. Look at the Club Penguin Times page. The article is written by Sensei and is about a Penguin Adventure… seems like Medieval Party, ain’t it?

  6. I think I got the next few parties of CP:
    May: Card Jitsu Snow Party
    June: School Sports Day Party
    July: Music Jam
    August: Adventure Party
    September: The Fair

    Im not 100% these are real.

  7. I heard in July there having some Phineas and Ferb Summer Kick of and there going to be the mascots so is Perry O_O

  8. i have the mag and its really awesome! you get this cool kendo suit and a EPF phone toy wich ahoots these kind of stuff, a free poster of sensei (you get posters in everymag) ive got 3 mags so far and im watin for issue 18.

    Waddle on!

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