Snow Is Coming… (Updated)

Polo Field (why not Ninja?!) made a new post on Club Penguin’s blog today. It relates to Card-Jitsu. He said that Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water will be open to everyone starting this week, as I mentioned in my Club Penguin Magazine post. He did not say if it is temporary or permanent. (see below!) The member restriction for the two games will most likely be lifted when Club Penguin updates tomorrow night.

And, of course, snow is coming…


UPDATE: As said by Tour Guide in the comments, it is going to be a permanent change. Sweet! Thanks Tomek64!

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 12.43.44 AM

The following page has been updated:

49 thoughts on “Snow Is Coming… (Updated)

  1. Hey Train! I’m commenting via mobile so sorry for typos. Can I please be added to your featured channels section on your YouTube channel? I’ll add you too! U can say no just wondering…

  2. GUUUUUHHHH noo! i like it being a member only room! they are giving non members so much member stuff now that members are getting less and less. I hope it stays for members only after the party..OR members get another MAJOR AWESOME member room..cause people are not becoming members anymore cause now non members get alot..

  3. One of the updates im most excited for is the my penguin app. I would want to send you pictures of it when its here,but i do not know how to.

  4. Tour Guide:
    Both Card-Jitsu Fire and Water will be open permanently for all players, Kallie Jo!
    In the comments section.

  5. I look forward to kicking everybodies butt’s at CJ Snow. Once I’m trained in it of course. Now if you will exscuse, me I’m going to go do something stupid!

  6. Club penguin once again is being too generous, giving non-members things they really shouldn’t have but what ever

  7. No no no,its amazing,just is beatiful oh yeahh can cry,its too much good for non members wujooooo!love cp,a big change.

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