More Proof of Card-Jitsu Coming To Mobile Discovered

More evidence of the regular Card-Jitsu game coming to mobile has surfaced recently. The code has actually existed for a while, but only recently been uncovered thanks to a tip from Pen50gi. Check out a look at this code:

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 10.24.50 PM

While the picture may be small, here is the code:

{“card_id”:”801″,”set_id”:”8″,”power_id”:”0″,”element”:”f”,”name”:”Mobile Fire 1″,”label”:”Mobile Fire 1″,”prompt”:”Mobile Fire 1″,”color”:”r”,”value”:”6″,”asset”:””,”description”:””,”is_active”:”1″},{“card_id”:”802″,”set_id”:”8″,”power_id”:”0″,”element”:”s”,”name”:”Mobile Snow 1″,”label”:”Mobile Snow 1″,”prompt”:”Mobile Snow 1″,”color”:”g”,”value”:”7″,”asset”:””,”description”:””,”is_active”:”1″},{“card_id”:”803″,”set_id”:”8″,”power_id”:”0″,”element”:”w”,”name”:”Mobile Water 1″,”label”:”Mobile Water 1″,”prompt”:”Mobile Water 1″,”color”:”b”,”value”:”8″,”asset”:””,”description”:””,”is_active”:”1″},{“card_id”:”804″,”set_id”:”8″,”power_id”:”2″,”element”:”f”,”name”:”Mobile Fire Power Card 1″,”label”:”Mobile Fire Power Card 1″,”prompt”:”Mobile Fire Power Card 1″,”color”:”p”,”value”:”11″,”asset”:””,”description”:”When this is scored, your card gets +2 for the next round”,”is_active”:”1″}]

As you can see, the word “mobile” is all over. What’s even more interesting is these card IDs range from 801 to 804. I went to see which cards they were, and the four mobile cards are actually these four shadow ninja cards! I had originally posted about these just under¬†two years ago.

Card-Jitsu Snow was confirmed to be coming to My Penguin, Club Penguin’s iPad application, next Thursday on the 6th of June in the 1.1 version. There is also lots of proof that Club Penguin’s original Card-Jitsu game is/was coming to mobile.

23 thoughts on “More Proof of Card-Jitsu Coming To Mobile Discovered

  1. In the second card you can see the penguin’s shadow has a ninja mask, but not the penguin. Also Sensei has his Dig Out The Dojo coat on again!

  2. Well, we can buy the cards in the Power Card update remember? That’s how I got mine :P

    But still, I got a question Trainman, are the cards from 2 – 4 Power Cards also?

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