Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Card-Jitsu Snow

A new reviewed by you has been posted to Club Penguin’s blog with the fitting topic of Card-Jitsu Snow!┬áLast week we were asked what the ultimate spy gadget would be. Awesomeguy27 thinks the following would be awesome:

What I think would be the ultimate spy gadget would contain everything our current one has, and some other things. First, it would have an extended notification system. For example, if a penguin needed help, it would show up on the screen. We could teleport to that penguin immediately and help them. Second an emergency first aid kit to help me as well as other penguins in case of an injury. Finally, a fully stocked fridge. Come on, some people get hungry on important missions! ;) ReviewedbyYou_20130529-1369847279

Cool indeed! This week’s question is “What has been your best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far?”. The chosen response will get 10,000 coins added to their penguin account! My strategy is letting someone play for me so I don’t have to…just kidding…or am I? Nah, I am, I play myself. I like to be a snow ninja that keeps my distance from the snowmen so I can heal the other ninjas without hurting myself! And I always try to do card combos with the other players.

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