Club Penguin’s July 2016 Party To Be New and Contain a Quest!

At her 31 Days of CP meetup yesterday, Megg teased Club Penguin’s next party, which will be happening in July. She said that July will be an all-new new party and it’s going to contain a quest.

Because Megg said that the party will be new that means it won’t be a medieval party, so I’m clueless as to what it might be! EPF related, possibly? Although then it would technically not be new, since we’ve had EPF related parties before.

Club Penguin July 2016 Party Announcement

What do you think July’s party will be about?

Thanks to Bloxorz for letting me use his image!

6 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s July 2016 Party To Be New and Contain a Quest!

  1. To be honest…

    A: It’s new, meaning that it’s something they haven’t done before gameplay wise.
    I think It’ll be a new-er-er version of the Medieval party, want my main reason?

    The word “Quest”. In prior Medieval parties, the events were known as “Knight’s Quest 1,2, and 3”, as well as a scorn quest.
    I think what Megg meant by “new” was a new TYPE of party: Reboot parties, which once a year (kind of like the anniversary party… ;b) during summer, a old party (Like April Fools, St. Patricks, and Underwater) would be remade into a “New” experience. More evidence towards this is the EPF Handbook, which says Scorn is a “Concern”

    • A reasonable theory, I must say.
      But MAYBE, just maybe CP might blow it with the “new” stuff, considering they haven’t done anything new since 2012/13.
      I mean, c’mon, right now they’re making this Zootopia party about two months long because they don’t seem to have much ideas anymore. I know they’re trying their hardest, but they’re kinda still half-a**ing things.

    • I agree that Scorn will be involved due to his status in the EPF handbook. It also states that he may rise soon.

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