More Card-Jitsu iOS App Pictures Surface Online

It’s no secret Card-Jitsu is coming to mobile at some point…but is it soon? There’s been a steady feed of “leaks” (just sneak peeks) over the past two years about Club Penguin’s Card-Jitsu coming to mobile. It all started in July 2011 when a Portuguese magazine had an article about Club Penguin, and mentioned that Card-Jitsu and Puffle Launch were coming to the App Store on July 28th. That never happened. In fact, Puffle Launch for iOS and Android never launched until September 2011, a little over two months after that post was made. Card-Jitsu for iOS and Android has never seen the light of day, but that wasn’t the last we heard about it. Even a Card-Jitsu Snow tin (mockup by Topps or simply unreleased, I don’t know) mentioned the mobile app. It also mentioned Disney Channel shorts, which have since arrived.

Anywho, Club Penguin has had jobs for mobile from time to time too. Between July 2011 and July 2012, nothing was heard. But, I had further evidence that month – twice. First, it was screenshots of the actual application. Then at the end of July 2012 I discovered something on Club Penguin’s job page – it mentioned the unreleased Card-Jitsu application in plain sight!

Nothing else has been heard about this unreleased mobile app…

…until now…

I’m having fun being mysterious

About a week ago (hey, I’ve been busy!) I got a site comment by Yellow Crown (so huge thanks to you, dude!) linking me to a website that specialises in user interface design. The company in question, MetaLab, has worked with some pretty popular companies so it’s no surprise to me that Disney is one of them. Check out the screenshots of the application. Based on the old screenshots I posted in July 2012 (linked above) and the one below it looks like the app will be playable in both portrait and landscape modes, unless it got changed during the beta. It’s also interesting that the paragraph says “We worked with Disney to create SEVERAL iPhone apps”. Not one, not two, but at least a few. Puffle Launch, Card-Jitsu, maybe My Penguin…and possibly others?

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 2.29.58 AM

The big question, is of course…when will this application be released? It’s definitely real. It’s out there. It’s just not for the public yet. My guess is once Card-Jitsu Snow is released, the application will be too.

And what about My Penguin?

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  1. Sorry that I posted my name Penguin1 instead of my real one but I am afraid to put my real one.
    Psst… You are already able to enter my penguin app even from the computer, Because the app is registered as a room. I know the room ID but I think i told enough. You don’t know what I said now ok?


  2. I think this app will be released during the CJ Snow Party !
    Since there are now 3 ELements SO cp releases a new app to celebrate the fact that we can now master 3 Element ! :D

  3. I went to MetaLab nothing happened what could be the problem?
    Also Train, What are your Penguin Accounts Names i really would like to add you because:
    I already have Tmblz, Caldog9, Happyblue128 as friends i need you and one more! please add me my Penguin Name are: Emilyanna9 and Fungi Funguy i would appreciate it if you added Emilyanna9 first because that is the Penguin with the other bloggers! Okay? Okay!
    please reply with the penguin name that you added me with so that i don`t denie your request! Thanks!

    • Oops, I messed up the MetaLab link. I’ve fixed it.

      Trainman1405 is my main/only penguin, and I rarely go on the penguins Pinguiny and Mandy26 since they are my friend’s penguins who quit and they wanted me to keep them active.

  4. I think it’s gonna take some months for CP to release it because i think that they will update the designs of the penguins’ beaks etc. What do u think?

  5. Train, you said “Card-Jitsu for iOS and Android never launched until September 2011”, I think you meant Puffle Launch.

  6. Why did I not comment on this post when I read it like 2 hours ago! I like the Puffle Launch game but My Penguin and Card Jitsu are gonna be in the Top 10 Childrens apps (probably) I also heard that Spike Hike was online today using My Penguin. I wish time would hurry so the CJ App will be released!

  7. And what about the special dances with the Power Cards?

    However, my guess: My Penguin will be released and several apps more will be released along in there to play games. :D Awesum!

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