Federflink1 and Loustik005 Having Meetups This Wednesday (Now Over)

UPDATE: The meetups are now over. From earlier:

Both Federflink1 and Loustik005, Club Penguin’s German and French bloggers respectively, are both having different meetups this Wednesday, May 22nd. Here’s all the details.

Starting with Federflink1’s meetup, it will be at 17:15 (5:15 PM) Central European Time. That’s 4:15 PM in the UK, 11:15 AM EST, and 8:15 AM PST. The room of meetup is the Dojo and the server will be Lawine, obviously a German server.


As for Loustik005’s meetup, he did not say the server, time, or activity yet but he will on Wednesday – I may or may not be sleeping when he announces it, so if you plan to go you may have to pay attention to the French Club Penguin Blog yourself.

UPDATE: It’s at 8:30 AM PST (11:30 AM EST, 4:30 PM in the UK) on the server Yeti. The activity is taking place at the stage.

24 thoughts on “Federflink1 and Loustik005 Having Meetups This Wednesday (Now Over)

  1. He says “Let us meet together in large training on 22 Clock May at 17:15 (Central European time) on the server avalanche, gathering in front of the dojo” not Server Lawine,

  2. Can’t go to feder’s meetup,I will be in the school like always at that times,to loustik’s i think it too,what they can’t do this in saturdays or sundays?lol,but still earlier :P did you know what it means?May 22,1 more day for card-jitsu ice!

  3. Trainman, did you know that pic is from last week during the Snowstorm? You can see there is a white adrenaline around it, getting clear like last week, unlike a construction going on

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