Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Day – May 31, 2013

The last penguin of the day for this week has been posted! Today’s featured penguin is Raypenguin18. Here’s why he was picked:

It’s always brill discovering new things about Club Penguin and I hear Raypenguin18 loves sharing all his CP secrets and tips with his buddies! What an epic friend to have :)

Raypenguin18 Player Card-1370014312

Worried about someone you nominated not receiving Penguin of the Day? Don’t worry! Raypenguin was nominated 2/3 of a month ago!

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.34.58 AM

You can nominate penguins for penguin of the day by emailing

The following page has been updated:

9 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Day – May 31, 2013

  1. Trainman, you have to see this. I was in the Town and a penguin was advertising that they had an “exclusive” Puffle Treehouse igloo. I went there and I found an obviously hacked, but nevertheless nice igloo.
    Must be an upcoming igloo?

  2. Lol Trainman! Your link on the comment above says “Club Penguin Launches New Memberships yes this post has a very long title”.

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