Club Penguin’s New Penguin of the Day: Thruthenite

It’s been a week since Polo Field featured the previous penguin of the day (so technically they should call it penguin of the week :P) and today he featured a new penguin, Thruthenite! (at first their name looks like a random jumble of letters but it’s ‘through the night’ but shortened) Here is what Polo had to say about them…

A member of the Club Penguin Team told me about someone that’s been doing a lot to help the environment in their local community. This penguin has raised money to help endangered animals, and helped raise awareness for autistic children… Congratulations, Thruthenite! I’ve added 5000 coins to your account for being our Penguin of the Day.

That’s awesome, so congratulations to Thruthenite for being Club Penguin’s second penguin of the day week! Polo Field also mentioned in his post that if you want to nominate a penguin who you think deserves to be given the title of Penguin of the Day, you can do so via their contact page.

That’s all for now!

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15 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s New Penguin of the Day: Thruthenite

  1. I hate it how they just give people 5000 coins and make them penguin of the day because anybody could be doing that! it’s so annoying.

  2. YESSSSS! Oh, wait… wrong post! Oops! – This is for the previous post (My Penguin – Coming May 9).

    Well Done!

  3. UPDATE FROM THECHAMAGOOL9: Check out his YouTube channel. He has an image of Batman with other Marvel superheros. (I think the video is from 2 weeks ago anyway!)

  4. Test failed…. if you would like to add me on CP (anyone), you know my penguin name (Holland93733) so go ahead and send me a request.

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