Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover Sneak Peeks

Polo Field has posted three new Marvel Superhero Takeover sneak peeks on Club Penguin’s Blog today. A sneak peek of one of the Marvel costumes that will be at the party, A-Bomb, was also tweeted on @ClubPenguin’s Twitter account, but deleted within a minute due to the horrific bombings in Boston, Massachusetts today. You can also see A-Bomb’s costume on the costumes logoff screen – it’s the one in the top left.

Screenshot on 2013-04-15 at 17.57.15

Anyway, on a lighter note, here are the three room sneak peeks. There will be three special emotes at the party – a money bag, a red siren light, and…what do you think the third special emote will be? I don’t know what the first image is of but I think the second one (the park) is the Forest (what’s with all the crystals, by the way?) and the third one is definitely the Plaza.

MarvelPoloDJ-1366065995 MarvelPoloPark-1366065995 MarvelPoloPolice-1366065995

The party looks very exciting!

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46 thoughts on “Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover Sneak Peeks

  1. …Prob not a new iggy. It’s either the Puffle Hotel Rooftop, possibly a new room, or the Night Club Rooftop! It hasn’t been here in a while, so maybe!

  2. Saraapril ACTUALLY LIKED the envirment sneak peek,but she still thinks its that “war” thing and “bomb” and i think this is going to be at least 30% war and 70% non war. Saraapril is going over the line with this thing. I think she thinks that the whole “war” thing is compered to the “2013 has more death than 2012” and thinks she will do “Marvel war diary” and will star out with ” I have not written in you since June 2012″

    2012….” and so on.

    • I know… she said that people who like Marvel and things like that… like to bully and hurt each other… :-/ if she doesn’t like “war” then why does she buy the superhero/villain things.. and instead of complaining about the party the whole time.. just don’t play during that time so you have nothing to complain about.

      • To be sincere, I don’t want to hurt Sara’s feelings. But if she didn’t ever had at least a favorite super hero/super villain (Or both) from either Marvel or DC. She didn’t had a good childhood then. My favorite super hero when I was a kid was Spider-Man <3

        • That was me, P. Sorry, my computer is lagging a lot (I only have 2 tabs open -_-) (How come my sister has like more than 12+ tabs open, and downloading a lot of stuff and her computer is running very fast?)

          Anyways, continuing on the topic, I like some Marvel and DC stuff. But does that make me a bully? No

    • The villain’s name is A-Bomb, and because there was a bombing it’s just not the best thing to show off at that time since both deal with bombs. I think the costume will still be at the party though, it’s just the tweet they deleted.

  3. Train, I have an update, if you look at the puffle handbook, the rainbow puffle is in it, did you know its favorite snack is gumdrops? Anyway, if you post please give me credit :P (Ace0919)

    • Sorry for not mentioning this in the previous post, for some reason you can’t play as your rainbow puffle in puffle launch, or pufflescape, and their not in puffle round-up


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