Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 Q&A By Tour Guide

With Polo Field out of town, Tour Guide has posted a Q&A for this year’s Marvel Superhero Takeover on the Club Penguin Blog! TourGuide-1366409591 You might recall Tour Guide was amongst some of the candidates to replace Businesmoose’s blogging position on the blog. Even though Ninja won, it appears Tour Guide is also a blogger, as she(?) made her first post today. In the images included in her(?) post, you can see what the third Marvel Superhero Takeover special emote will be – a “pow” emote, like in cartoons when they punch someone, rather than showing the actual violence you’ll see something like that with  a word on it. Anyway, here are the questions posted as well as the answers:

Will last year’s Marvel costumes return? They sure will! You’ll have another chance to suit up as all your favorite Marvel characters. We can’t wait to see all your crazy Hulk, Loki, and Black Widow outfits. AND there will be new surprises… Marvel costumes you’ve never seen before.

What kinds of new activities will there be? Fasten your flippers! There’ll be two brand new mini-games, available only during the party. One for heroes. One for villains. So pick your side!

Which Mascot will visit? Just like last year, Aunt Arctic will be there on the ground to cover the clash between good and evil! Stay tuned to the blog for dates and times.

What will non-members be allowed to do? Non-members can join a side to protect or destroy Penguintropolis! And everyone can play the new super hero and super villain games! Flippertastic!

This year’s Marvel Superhero Takeover party sure sound exciting!

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63 thoughts on “Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 Q&A By Tour Guide

  1. Hey Trainman, just something to point out quick.

    You can see Tour Guide wearing some unreleased Orange Gloves, just like last year there were some Yellow, Purple and Light Blue Gloves! What do you think it might do?

  2. Uh Train,I think you made a typo when you said ” Even though ninja one”
    I think it’s supposed to be “Even though ninja won”

  3. Dear Trainman1405, When do you think Aunt Artics New background Is Gonna Be Avalable For the Marvel Superhero Takeover?

  4. When they say non-members can join a side, what do they mean? To suit up like a hero or villian, or to just be an officer or criminal like last year?

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