Club Penguin Magazine Issue 2 Coming To Germany April 10

Club Penguin’s 16th magazine issue will be out in the United Kingdom tomorrow, and next week, on April 10th, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will be getting their second issue of the magazine! In these countries there is a new issue every two months rather than every four weeks, meaning it’s the April and May issue. This issue will include heroic stories, Club Penguin facts, puzzles, and the usual playercard and igloo screenshots. There will also be a Club Penguin paddleball that comes with it. Here’s a sneak peek of the inside:


Looks cool, even though I don’t understand anything it says! :P

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 2 Coming To Germany April 10

  1. I can read it :D ( i understand Deutche a little bit :P

    Full Puffle-power

    Puffles are also heroes… Help the Super-Pets, they can save u!

    That ticketrobot is a “Find the Differences” game.
    The metallic robots are “How much robots can u count”
    The black puffle is that “Mark the right answer => what has the black puffle have to eat to transform into a fireball? ( idk my translation aint really good XD )

    • dude usa get everything hve u seen england u get all these toys 3 months membership cards and YOUR HOUSES ARE EXTREMELY BIG

  2. Lol I learn german here in germany and still.. xD I miss though the exclusive items from the magazines still im happy to be able to get it :D

  3. Germany, UK, Austrailia, ALWAYS get the good stuff. They’re not even selling CP merchendise anymore, just membership (thank god for membership…) so how come they dont even sell the magazines here?

    • Yes, all the stores that used to sell CP item in Virginia…. well… they dont sell any plushies or puffles. Why did CP do this? Now why do they have the Treasure Book? Mr. Herbert on my shelf is getting lonely…. >_<

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