April 22, 2013 Featured Fashions

With the Marvel Superhero Takeover just a few days away, Daffodaily5 has posted the outfits of several heroes on the Club Penguin Blog!Check out the few selected this time around below:

0vicky- Some sort of super hero dog was spotted marshalling civilians through the Town with a megaphone. Could being cute and cuddly be her super power? WOOF!


Emperor Pegi is showing some ace colour-coordinating powers! I wonder if his laser beam shines to outer space? Because his style is out of this world!


This hero is certainly not stealthy with that epic rainbow afro, but I wonder just what kind of powers Houdini2 has? Red neckerchief- this season’s must have hero accessory ;)


We’ve heard reports that Pingwan2004 has been on a ghost hunt around the Island, saving penguins and swinging from room to room with that amazing grappling hook.


Rather than asking for the names of penguins with outfits, Daffodaily5 wants your superhero name suggestions for the four penguins above! The winner will get 1,000 coins.

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