A Quick Update

Here’s a quick update on Club Penguin Memories and me being busy.¬†As you may have noticed, first my On This Day In Club Penguin History and Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup posts were up to a few days late, then I suddenly stopped doing them. Not only that, but I’m late at replying to website comments, emails, and tweets. You’re probably wondering why. Did I stop doing the posts? Nope, quite the opposite. I’ve been really busy with school. I wake up around noon every day and usually within an hour I’m doing schoolwork until an hour or two before bedtime, which is usually around midnight for me. By then I have other things to do, so posting the extra stuff outside of Club Penguin’s updates and blog posts/sneak peeks takes a little bit of a lower priority, so I haven’t been able to get to much of it for the past two or three weeks.

I’m going to catch up though, hopefully sometime between now and the end of the month I’ll be able to make all the posts I need to, post all the bugs on my other website I need to, update all the pages I need to, reply to everyone, etc. It’s going to take a lot, but I can do it. It’s just going to require a lot of patience on your end. I will not quit blogging just because I am busy, I am here to stay!

Thanks for understanding everyone.


47 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. You’re much more persistent than me! My school blog lasted all of two weeks until i couldn’t keep up any more! :-D

  2. Hey train, I just saw a CP commercial of marvel super herotakeover in the netherlands!
    So it might mean CP is coming in Dutch (not deutsch or german)

  3. So, you are going to do some exams and write some tests on the next days, am I right? Well good luck with anything you are doing! And make sure to pass the exams, if you have any :) Now that summer is coming everyone will have a lot of free time to spend and use carefully, and that will help you.

  4. Maybe you could use some help from Graser to run the site while your busy? Or if hes busy let one of your trusted friends run it for you till you get all caugh up.

  5. Hey Train did you take high school civics yet? Im currently on the ideology unit and its very boring! Only 7 more weeks to go though!!

  6. Your lucky that you get to wake up at noon! I wish I could lol I have to wake up at like 6:00 for school and Im usually still half asleep all morning XD

  7. I’m a fake Polo Field, uh I mean real Polo Field,But trainman I have a Question, Can you meet me at Server Snow Plow at 1 Am or 2 Am or 3 am on Thursday PST (Chose one time)?
    My Penguin name is 700y even though I am pretending to be Polo Field. Okay my comment doesn’t make any sense and it’s a bit silly but can you still meet me. If you can’t pick another time on that day.
    — By 700y, I mean Polo Field. Wow I’m not very good at being an Imposter.

    P.S Can I be a Penguin of the Week one day, I mean week.( Remember to put 700y not Polo Field)
    P.S S Please read this whole comment It took me a long time to write it. Bye now.
    — By 700y, I mean Polo Field. Wait, Why am I pretending to be Polo Field in the first place?

  8. I know what u mean, i was away for 2 weeks and my inbox was full and i’m still looking throught them

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