The Accidental Blogging Break


As you’ve likely noticed, I kind of abandoned Club Penguin Memories without warning for three weeks, aside on the 8th of October when I made two blog posts. Besides that, I haven’t posted since September 30th. Oops?

I didn’t really mean to take a break, it just sort of…happened. I had originally spontaneously decided to just skip blogging for a day or two then catch up, but a couple days turned into a week, then a week turned into two weeks, and now here we are 19 days into October. Sure, a little break is nice here and there, but I didn’t mean for it to turn into this. The more I fell behind in blogging the more I procrastinated catching up.

It did feel good to get a break, however. As I’ve covered lightly in the past I deal with chronic fatigue. School’s been really draining me, so much in fact that I’ve withdrawn from my classes until hopefully what will only be the start of the spring semester. Because I’ve been so drained and had no stamina for school I didn’t have the stamina to sit down and type lots of blog posts.

Of course I still feel exhausted from the fatigue but I’m forcing myself to get out of this stump and back in business. I’m going to try and catch up on all the blog posts I need to write by this Wednesday, so wish me luck. I do realise I could just skip everything and just cover future updates but I’d prefer to cover what I have yet to, including everything that’s happened in the past 19 days. So if you’re set to get new post emails, I apologise in advance for all the emails you’re going to be getting over the next 48-72 hours. :S

Thanks to all of you who have stuck around! ^_^

10 thoughts on “The Accidental Blogging Break

  1. Train, would it be best for you and the blog if you had a another writer, doing the On this day… posts? It would certianly help you. Just a suggestion.

  2. We understand.
    I had a Club Penguin blog myself for a few years (specialized in igloo designs) and it became one more source of stress for me when school and life got too busy.
    Haven’t posted on it for years.

    Don’t push yourself too much, we’ll be here. :)

  3. I don’t think you should do all those posts, it will be exhaustive for you and not so relevant to us, but is just my opinion

  4. Don’t worry dude we all need a break at times as we’re humans not digitally manufactured robots. Speaking of robots I have a feeling we will be getting Robot Puffles, Herbert is probably making robot puffles but the penguins turn the robot puffles off, then we rescue them from Herbert’s evil clutches from the cage in that party room (note the Herbert pumpkin) I thought this us pretty solid evidence what do you think?

  5. Dear trainman, your blog means allot to me, i have been reading cpmemories daily for already 4-5 + years now. I have ALLOT of respect for you, you post every week all the updates and stuff and this when also while working on school stuff. Years ago i was lucky enough to join you’re mascot tracking team during the holiday party years ago, was allot of fun! :D I really hope you can stay blogging about Club Penguin also because of the new things that the game will release next year. But If you need any help in the future to post weekly updates or new things, im ready to blog and post and help there where you want it, whenever you might ask it il be ready. Im a huge fan of cpmemories and ALL of you’re posts! :) Waddle,on. Trainman1405 and a happy 10years of ClubPenguin celebration day! :)

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