Unreleased Club Penguin Games Point Towards Marvel Superhero Takeover Next Month

Last week I posted about a mysterious new game called ‘Unlock’ appearing in Club Penguin’s configuration files, and today I’ve got a similar post. Club Penguin re-added the Paint By Letters Books which makes it even more likely that they’ll be returning soon (or at least the My Puffle one, which I posted about in the beginning of this month) Now for the main part based on the title. Club Penguin added two other new games. One is called Super Hero Bounce and the other is called Robot Factory.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.15.16 AM

Now, this is just a guess, but could the Marvel Superhero Takeover be happening again next month? A lot of evidence points towards yes. First of all, Club Penguin’s magazine issue in the UK gave a sneak peek of the Super Suit for the upcoming magazine issue. It basically looks like a superhero suit, does it not? Then there’s the Puffle Hotel Commercial, where at 4 seconds in you’ll see a superhero in a cape fly in the sky. Then there’s the Super Hero Bounce and Robot Factory games, put under the directory “CP Party Games”, which I’m guessing means they’re temporary games for a party, kind of like how the Fair Games are only at The Fair.

What do you think? Superhero Takeover, next week’s mission, or something else?

19 thoughts on “Unreleased Club Penguin Games Point Towards Marvel Superhero Takeover Next Month

  1. Super hero party. Hopefully, when I get my hands on the magazine, it’ll spoil everything. That’s what I like about you – ya tell everybody everything before its even started lol, guess that’s Spike Hike. Unless that’s you :P

  2. I know what’s gonna happen! Members will get new superhero costumes and non-members? They will be left out and just get a few boring things. Club Penguin is really disappointing me now.

  3. I have to say that Robot Factory may be for the mission next month and the Superhero Bounce is for the Marvel Superhero Takeover. My main question….. When is a Star Wars party coming?

  4. Marvel Hero Takeover?!Cool! Hey this means that my penguin is close to become 1 year old!!! :D And something else: What about the new EPF mission then? When will this happen? Do you know Train?

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