New Puffle Hotel Commercial

Club Penguin’s page on Disney Australia has been updated with a new 30 second commercial. This one advertises the Puffle Hotel, which in my opinion Club Penguin is promoting a bit too much…

UPDATE: Here is a high quality version that Club Penguin uploaded privately: (Thanks Marlon58670!)

30 thoughts on “New Puffle Hotel Commercial

    • Just because someone posts before me doesn’t mean I found out about it from them. I saw it this morning but didn’t have the time since I had to go out for a few hours. I always give credit when credit is due, and this post is not one of those times.

  1. From the looks of the video it seems like they are knocking down the stage for the hotel! That must be what the wrecking ball is for!!

    • nah, disney wouldn’t get rid of the stage, not after all the money the’ve spent making plays. And in the plaza you’ll notice the stage moved over to make room for the puffle hotel.

    • @Sachmach29 I dont think that, I think that the wrecking ball is only decoration,we already have a puffle room,I dont see why they would need to destroy the stage to build the puffle hotel,even if it was permanent,I thing they have enough space to build it next to the pet shop.

  2. In the first second you can see a shadow (maybe a super hero) flying upon the hotel.Maybe it’s a sneak peak of the next party :O

  3. Sweet! I wonder if that commercial will air in the US? Y’know, the voices don’t sound Australian! It’s so odd…

  4. Trainman, can you say on your twitter and make sure everyone retweets that I’m going to start a tipping the ice-berg party on the 17th March 3pm GMT and 8am PSDT okay or make like a poster and post it please. It’s cause I don’t have a twiiter account I’m only 10 :3.

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