Club Penguin Blog Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test Update

It’s been just about a week since the Card-Jitsu Snow beta test began (time sure flies!) and so today Polo Field has posted an update on the Club Penguin Blog. First of all we were thanked for the feedback and bug reporting.


Since the beta began the team has received thousands of messages. As a behind the scenes sneak peek he showed us this graph. It’s of the bug tracking of the game. The red line is the number of bugs they wrote up for tracking and the green line is the number of squashed bugs – the team has definitely been working hard!


Some of the bigger bugs players have send in include the following:

#1094 – Users seeing only background art in game if Snow player exits before loading screen
#1090 – Users are able to enter Bonus Round even if player is KO’d during game
#1042 – Music will occasionally double up in game – multiple tracks will play at once
#993 – Game occasionally “freezes” while playing – users must exit game

That’s it for this Club Penguin Blog post!

The following page has been updated:

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