Club Penguin Emailing Free 7 Day Memberships For Hollywood Party

Once again Club Penguin is randomly sending out free membership codes to select penguins.Lately they’ve been tending to do this during a party each month. Since it’s a week into the Hollywood Party it makes sense that Club Penguin would do this.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 12.17.17 AM

Were you lucky to receive a code? (if you’re a member you won’t get one) As always, do not ask for a free membership code. I have none, I was simply forwarded the email and edited the code out. If I could provide everyone with a membership I would. But I am not a millionaire. Yet. :P

Thanks BigBuny!

44 thoughts on “Club Penguin Emailing Free 7 Day Memberships For Hollywood Party

  1. Thanks trainman for usingy email :) idk why it make me happy but it just does lol
    your the best cp blogger ( that doesn’t work for cp) of any that I’ve seen and by FAR!!
    There should be an Emmy for that… LOL

  2. I saw ur tweet, plz tell me the links of the 2 posts I copied, and I’ll delete them directly! Will that make u happy? and sorry again….

  3. i never new about this.i have never been to this website.but i am already a member.and the email i used was my mom’s and she doesn’t like me using cheats.i wish i could though.(but don’t send me one I’ll get in trouble!)bye!:)

  4. Trainman1405, i wish i had one.. i already play this game for like 5 years.. still dont have a membership :(.. doe you still have some ??

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