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There is a new reviewed by you on Club Penguin’s official blog!¬†We were last asked what movie stage we liked the most, and Pup2601 said the following about High-Speed Getaway:

High Speed Getaway is my favorite. I like the car you drive. The helicopter you fly is awesome. The fire shooting in the air as you fly is cool. But my favorite part is jumping out of the house. It’s super cool and the window gets a penguin shape in it when you jump. And the house looks super cool. Plus, if you get some penguins to play there, you can do the real movie!

The question this week is relating to Red Nose Day – the team wants to hear your penguin jokes!

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  1. Train have you heard Pen50gi’s joke?: What do you get if you cross Lady GaGa and a sheep? Lady Baaaaaaa Baaaaaa.

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