Club Penguin Blog Featured Igloos – January 6

It’s January 6th in PST time, but for whatever reason (maybe because Chattabox is Australian and it’s January 7th in Australia?) the new Club Penguin Blog post is tagged with January 7th. Anyway, Chattabox as I mentioned has made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog featuring some more igloos.

Garytest5000 said: “Wow!!!!! Those are cool! You should check out Juschen’s Cozy Cottage! (very cozy). Waddle On!”


Quip14 said: “I know Purflipper has an AMAZING igloo to protect the earth! It’s like a giant tree and stuff. You should check it out! Waddle On!”


Agenco said: “You should see Sj315’s igloo! He always has these great igloos that inspire people. He even inspired me!”


This time around Chattabox is looking for dinosaur and prehistoric themed igloos.

The following page has been updated:

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