Club Penguin End of 2012 Featured Fashions

In honour of this being the final 2012 edition of Featured Fashions, Daffodaily5 has posted party themed outfits on the Club Penguin Blog today. Here they are:

First up, we have Juliet0223 who has been nominated by Lilly6879. Her outfit reminds me of a fairy godmother… plenty of sparkle!


I came across Dara25 when I was waddling around the Island and I must say he looked super smooth! The white suit with Card Jitsu Amulet is so brill, I would never have thought of that!


Nothing says PARTY more than a Party Hat and Party Hat T-shirt combination! Thanks to Dunard for nominating Bobbhoy and their ace outfit!


Emma Kerezsi’s outfit shone like a star to me! The pretty dress and fab accessories made me want to boogie on down to the Dance Club!


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8 thoughts on “Club Penguin End of 2012 Featured Fashions

  1. 1. Seen many penguins with that before, I think I even saw Saraapril with that outfit
    2. I think I have a friend with that outfit, however, I think its the best one out of all of these
    3. I have seen A LOT of non-members with that outfit, I have EVEN saw non-members wearing yet a rarer party hat than that one, like the 2nd Party Hat, etc…
    4. I have seen Saraapril wearing that item too many times…

    I think that 2nd is the best one so far…

  2. Train! Blue 28z here. If I remember right, this is your e-mail, but I needed to contact you ASAP. I’m not being nosy or anything but I was checking out the blogs on your bugs blogroll, and I came across IcyJax. I THINK his blog has been hacked! Have you any ideas what’s going on, ’cause it just doesn’t seem like him :( Please reply soon!

  3. trainman1405, somebody comented on that specific blog and said:


    Hi Daffodaily5!
    Happy New Year to you guys too! Oh and i would like to nonminate Trainman1405 for the next fasion.

    Monday, December 31, 2012 – 08:36

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