Arctic White Is Officially Coming This Year

After setbacks for whatever reason after first being discovered back in March of this year, an update on the situation has been posted on the Club Penguin blog confirming to us that the Arctic White colour will be released before the end of this year. We weren’t told where or how it’s going to be released, but since we have just under two months left of 2012 I’m sure we’ll get more specific news in the near future. It was also said that all players will be able to get the colour.

The following page has been updated:

41 thoughts on “Arctic White Is Officially Coming This Year

  1. Maybe will celebrating the holiday Season with Sensei and Rockhopper ? maybe rockhopper will bring this item to the island during Coins For Change and then it will be added to the Clothing catalog in the Gift shop ( clothes Shop ) ? OR Sensei is bringing this item as a free item that will be avaible at the Snow dojo or ninja Hidout and it will be there as a free item that u can get when ever u want :)

  2. White is so odd. I remember that aunt arctic said “penguins must be colorful or they can’t see eachother because of snow” on the newspaper. But now they are making it. Such a bad idea. X-(

  3. At first I thought it said “Aunt Arctic is Officially Coming This Year” LOL! Which is true… At the Holiday Party! :D

  4. I guess card jitsu snow its coming when the white color will be released. I think that cause snow is white and that color its white and its card jitsu snow.

  5. Oh yeah! I’ve been waiting a long time for this! The only other color we need is grey. Have you ever noticed that sensei is the only grey penguin? If moderators can be grey it can’t be to hard for others to be,can it? Who knows,club penguin is always doing something new!

  6. Hmmm white penguins,the island being covered in snow and no ninjas this year? I think their just itching to give us a surprise! Something to do with card jitsu snow…

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