Spike Hike’s Official Twitter Account

Chances are you’ve read Spike Hike’s introductory post on the Club Penguin Blog that was posted yesterday. Adding to the list of Club Penguin employees with a Twitter account, it’s been confirmed by Polo Field that Spike Hike now has one himself! He hasn’t tweeted anything yet, however you can go and follow him if you have a Twitter account. (you do need to be 13+!)


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      • yeah, i’m doing all my homework now because i don’t want to be doing it at the last minute tomorrow and to have the power go out and have to go to the library to finish typing O.o It happened to me last year with the big snowstorm that hit new york around halloween. I remember trick or treating in the snow :D

  1. train you should take pictures of all the current club penguin rooms (if you haven’t already) so future generations of CP players can see what it was like before CP got its makeover

  2. Hey guy’s and gal’s it’s Andybillson and I’m partay! look below!

    Server: Snow plow

    Date: November 15

    Time:5:00 pm PST
    Room:Becon…………..I will be adding sending postcard’s and liking igglos hope to see ya there!


  3. I think it is also worth noting that Spike Hike is following Loustik005 who also apparently created a Twitter account a few days ago.

  4. Hi Trainman1405. I loved playing with you yesterday and I have something you can post.
    and there is another new one of the wallpapers! I don’t want to take a pic of that.
    one more thing, there’s a new poll but today I am buzy so I can’t take pictures of the poll cp posted yesterday.
    Give me credit.
    Cool Man8172

    • I usually don’t post updates on the Fun Stuff section here, instead I just update the pages on here. (which I did yesterday). Thanks though!

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