Meet Gajotz From The Club Penguin Team Tomorrow! (10/30)

Gajotz from the Club Penguin Team has made a very brief post on the Club Penguin Blog (the Portuguese one) saying that he will be on the island tomorrow at 10:30 AM PST in the server Avalanche! (PT) No room was given, but I’m sure he’ll be in one of the more popular rooms such as the Forest.

Related, Club Penguin is having two Gary meetups tomorrow. See this post for all of the details.

43 thoughts on “Meet Gajotz From The Club Penguin Team Tomorrow! (10/30)

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  2. I Have to admit, being portuguese, I don’t really like him, in fact, I actually fully deslike him.

    Apparently, he was kicking out people in ther server for no really ‘serious’ cause and just by small said things that weren’t really ofencive or so ever, and, as well, typed many but many grammar and speaking mistakes.

    I might not know him in the offices, but at least in community themes, I think there are a lot of PT Blogger writters of CP Blogs that write much better than him

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