It’s Moose Monday On Club Penguin! (Now Over)

If you see this post in time, I just wanted to let you all know that Businesmoose from the Club Penguin Team is currently hosting his weekly #MooseMonday gathering on Club Penguin. Right now he is celebrating it on the server Fog all around the island. I’ll stop by if I have a chance. In the meantime, have fun!

18 thoughts on “It’s Moose Monday On Club Penguin! (Now Over)

  1. Thanks Train! I saw your post ONE MINUTE after you posted it :D I was in his igloo with him and accidentally waddled over the box and went to the box dimension :( I took some pics though! will make it a tradition to say “CP memories and Trainman rock” at these things:)

    Not sure if his stamps/pins are important, but here:

    And he sent me a postcard :D

  2. I knew this before you. Just kidding. Guess my story.
    I was thinking of logining in to Cp at 8:30pm UK times then after that, a friend thing came up and said Fog. Then I clicked it, after that someone said BUISNESMOOSE at DOCK so I went there and I saw Moose dancing saying meet me at the iceberg. I went there then I saw him there but 5 mins after he deserpeared so I went to his igloo and he was there. I totally forgot to tell you about this but I stayed in his igloo for like 6 or 8 mins then I had to log off. Will there be another MooseMonday, Trainman1405?
    Hope you get this…

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