Club Penguin’s Google+ Page

Club Penguin has an official Google+ page, as confirmed by Polo Field on Twitter earlier today. Google+ is a social network run by Google, which you may have guessed by the name. It is their own social network that is meant to be a rival of some sort to other social media websites such as Facebook. If you have a G+ account and are interested in following Club Penguin on the service, click here to go to the page.

Thanks Pen50gi!

21 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s Google+ Page

  1. Hi train! I am a fellow blogger and wanted to ask you about this image that Agent Rookie on Twitter has revealed. Is this image legit? It can be found on spike hikes twitter when you expand the tweet about herbert.

  2. One more thing before I fill up the whole page XD
    Do you have any thoughts on the ghost lab platform glitch that nobody seems to be able to find? I noticed that Gary always goes through the pillar to the left side of the ghost lab door to get up there…

  3. Hey there guys Andybillson here to show you how to get to my November winter party!

    SERVER: Snow Plow

    Time: 5:00 PM__PST

    Date:November 15 2012

    Room: Becon

    Hope to see ya there I will be adding,liking iggys,and more! And, I emailed Billybob to come but you never know he might not come!


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