Gary Meetup Times For October 29th and 30th

Federflink1 from the German Club Penguin Blog has posted the times of three different Gary meet ups! If you want to meet Gary on Club Penguin but don’t want to wait for a tracker or don’t want to find him in the game yourself, here are three times he will be making visits on some German servers. I am not sure on the time zone conversions as European Summer Time ends on the 28th and I do not want to give anybody the wrong times. If you need a time zone translation, email Club Penguin for it rather than commenting here asking.

The three meetups are:

  • On Monday, October 29th at 17:00 Central European Time in the server Schneeflocke.
  • On Tuesday, October 30th at 13:00 and 17:00 Central European Time. The 13:00 gathering is in the server Iglu and the 17:00 gathering is in the server Gletscher.

26 thoughts on “Gary Meetup Times For October 29th and 30th

  1. Thanks for the times Train! I plan to meet Gary today if I can. Are you going to be there because I can never understand the germans language. :)

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