Club Penguin’s New Clothes Shop, Pizza Parlour, and Dance Club Designs Have Arrived

As promised, Club Penguin has released their new room renovations for both the Dance Club, Gift Shop, and Pizza Parlour. The Gift Shop has been renamed to the Clothes Shop, too. We’ve already seen what the rooms look like, but here are the screenshots of them in action with me inside them.

The Dance Club, which probably looks familiar – from the Ultimate Jam.

The Clothes Shop, formerly known as the Gift Shop:

The Pizza Parlour:

The Clothes Shop now has music, which is actually the track from the 2012 Fashion Show which took place in February of this year. The Pizza Parlour on the other hand now has different music. The Dance Club’s music is untouched.

How are you liking the brand new room designs? Yay or nay? What about the music?

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29 thoughts on “Club Penguin’s New Clothes Shop, Pizza Parlour, and Dance Club Designs Have Arrived

  1. Not to satisfied.
    1. Changed Pizza Parlor music :(
    2. Gift Shop has music, pointless
    3. They were some of the best rooms that are now messed up.

  2. When I walked into tonight, all I saw was a bunch of whiners complaining about change (I am a whiner myself on account of some things CP does :P). I like the changes, I am not too fond of the new music in the Pizza parlor, its a nice remix of the Pizzatron 3000 game. Ah well, just get used to it.

    • The Pizza Huts of INDIA you mean! Lets start a war about which country’s Pizza Hut looks just like CP’s.


  3. Awesome!!! Love the changes and glad the gift shop isn’t dull (or silent for that matter) any more! Only thing They should have left was the pizza parlor music I have yet to log in to hear the new one, but the old one waa always nice & warming. People say Disney are ruining Club Penguin (There was a few funerals and protests before the updates on Sleet last night) but I say They are making it better! Yay or Nay Train?

  4. 1. Not liking the new gift shop look or music at all.
    2. I think the new pizza parlor is cool, but I still miss the classic feeling of the old one and it’s music
    3. Not fan of the new nightclub, it seems smaller than before.

  5. 1. New Pizza Parlor is great, i like the music also, its a pizzatron piano remix btw
    2. I Like the new Gift Shop but I didn’t like the fashion show music on the new gift shop, i think it doesn’t really fit there, and I don’t like they renamed it to “Clothes Shop” Inteligent name…
    3. I like new Dance Club, i dont care the name of the nightclub/danceclub actually, i like both of them, but i wanted the dubstep remix of the party starts now in the nightclub

  6. Hey Train! What do u think of the new designs?
    Okay, for all u guys out there who miss the old Cp: I’m with u, but I’m definetly not gonna say no to some change, and the new designs r lookin pretty good 2 me. I agree that the displaying of the Beta Hat and Red Lei and Christmas Scarf in the newly done Clothes Shop (formerly Gift Shop) is a bad move, and for those old timers, rubbing salt in the wound for sure. But lots of ppl loved the Ultimate Jam night club thing and now it’s permanent, and the new Pizza Parlor is good for some fun role play: I tried it out earlier myself.
    And for those of you new to Club Penguin and everything, Welcome! Be careful of strange penguins. Lol!

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